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Evaluating a PPIE training package with public contributors

In this project I worked with a team from the Universities of Huddersfield and York, to evaluate a training programme for public involvement in research.  We used an approach called Participatory Action Research, where some of the people who undertook the training worked with researchers to evaluate it.  The public team members were supported by the researchers and carried out most of the data collection and analysis.  We worked together as a team to plan the project, discuss the findings and produce a published paper that confirmed the training was useful.

The public team members found the process was a bit overwhelming at the start, but they really enjoyed it and talked about how fulfilling it was.  From the researchers’ point of view, having the public members of the team so involved made the results much more genuine.

Read the Report:

Richardson Akhtar Smith PPI training evaluation 2019
Download PDF • 779KB



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