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Critical Friend for Public Involvement

I take time with researchers to fully understand their project: its context, its goals and the impact it is trying to achieve. I critique projects and ideas in a constructive way, asking provocative questions and encouraging researchers to consider additional perspectives. By working together and solving problems the quality of projects is improved.


Scoping for Research

I work with researchers in the very earliest stages of research projects, to understand the context of the proposed research and to investigate the evidence, both published and through discussing the project ideas with a wide range of stakeholders including the ultimate end user - the public. I undertake scoping engagement and literature reviews.


Facilitation of Public Involvement in Research

I work with researchers at all stages of projects, to build trusted relationships with public contributors.  I use face to face and online meetings to ensure that the voice of people with lived experience is heard and valued in research.  I adopt coproduction principles in all my work.


Strategic Planning for Public Involvement

I strongly believe that the public has a right to be involved in all types of research and at all stages of research.  This looks different depending on the research team or project, but I support teams to embed the public voice within their systems by creating feedback loops and other mechanisms that underpin the transparency of decision making and accountability.  This supports the notion of ‘nothing about me without me’ and helps to build trusting relationships between researchers and the public.

I provide reviews of Public Involvement Strategies, with a focus on impact and improvement approaches.


Training and Mentorship

I work closely with clients to deliver tailored training packages and materials about public involvement. I use both on-line and face to face approaches and I encourage both researchers (at any level) and members of the public to get involved. I believe that public involvement is everyone's responsibility. I provide mentorship to researchers and public contributors to help them build their confidence to work independently.

I have found your co-ordination role invaluable. And on a personal level I have found your knowledge, wisdom and continuing support extremely helpful.

Felicity Shenton, Public Involvement Lead, NIHR ARC NENC

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