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Evaluation of Impact (for Research Excellence Framework Case Study)

In this evaluation I led an international team of researchers to understand the impact of a ‘train the trainer’ programme that taught people how to teach others using simulation-based learning (SBL).  The research team had previously worked with an international industry partner, Laerdal Medical, and developed a competency framework and training programme called the NESTLED Faculty Development Programme, which was being used across Europe. 

We looked at the impact on the trainees themselves and within their NHS organisations.  We found that the NESTLED Programme works well and is an effective way to train people how to teach using SBL.  We also found that when trainees used this approach in their ‘home’ organisations it had a real impact on things like patient safety, by increasing the skills and confidence of frontline staff and by improving the ‘preparedness’ of teams and systems in the NHS.

Read the evaluation report here:

NESTLED Evaluation Report FINAL 5Dec20
Download PDF • 583KB



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