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Priority Setting for a Community of Practice

In this project, part of the CLAHRC YH programme, I worked with the Health Economics team to run a ‘World Café’ discussion.  World café is a way to bring a lot of people together for a discussion.  The large group is split into smaller groups which move around a group of tables.  Each table has a question or issue to discuss, with the help of a table host.  Every person spends time at each table and at the end of the event the hosts summarise all the discussions and present them to the whole group.  This is followed by more discussion.

The Health Economics team had developed a questionnaire (patient reported outcome measure or PROM) that helps people with mental health issues talk about their recovery.  At the time of this project the questionnaire was starting to be used in NHS mental health Trusts.  This world café brought together over 70 service users and practitioners to talk about setting up a Community of Practice.  This is a professional network and support group for people who have similar interests.

Read the paper here:

Taylor-Buck Smith World Cafe 2020
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